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this is bbc news. our top stories: police in the spanish region of catalonia say three of the suspects wanted in connection with the barcelona van attack are dead. among them is moussa oukabir, the 17—year—old who is thought to have been at the wheel of the van as it deliberately rammed into crowds of pedestrians in the heart of the city. president trump fires his chief strategist steve bannon, the former head of the right—wing news website breitbart. nice to see you, to see you... audience: nice! sir bruce forsyth, the undisputed king of saturday night tv in britain, has died at the age of 89. hello and welcome to bbc world news. the authorities in spain have
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confirmed that the man believed to have driven a van into crowds in the city of barcelona was killed in an earlier shootout. this is moussa oukabir, who was the subject of a manhunt after escaping on foot from las ramblas, and appears to have mounted a second attack in the resort of cambrils, again driving a vehicle into a crowd, but was shot by armed officers along with other four other suspects. the chief of police said thejihadists had been planning a much bigger atrocity, involving explosives, but their plot appeared to have been disrupted by the explosion of a bomb factory in the town of alca nar on wednesday. 1a people have died and more than 130 have been injured in the attacks. all day, and into the night, people have been mourning and paying tribute to the victims. clive myrie has this report from barcelona. a shared silence.
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across another european city touched by terror, one minute of stillness filled the space that words could not. a void with a single burning question — why? then, as king felipe and prime minister rajoy looked on, applause and defiance. chanting: no tinc por, no tinc por! "we are not afraid", they chant. but the previous 2a hours of violence were shocking. this, a street in the coastal town of cambrils. a terror suspect is cornered, and he is wearing what police believe is a suicide belt. they decide there is only one course of action.
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the dead man was one of five who tried to mow people down in a car on the nearby seafront. all the attackers were shot by police, and investigators now believe they were part of a terrorist cell of 8—12 people, some of whom were in this house, 120 miles from barcelona the night will before, when a blast killed one person and injured seven others. it is thought explosive devices were being prepared, as well as the blueprint for barcelona's las ramblas attack. nick mouncey and stephanie walton from lincoln were caught up in the panic, as a white van ploughed into the path of hundreds of people. they ran for cover into a nearby cafe. the only thing that was going through my head was, like, the paris and the london attacks, where the attackers would come through, like, restaurants and bars, and just, like, shooting
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and stabbing people. ijust thought, oh, my god, we're going to get shot, nick. we're going to get shot. it just felt like it was never—ending, wasn't it? when we turned around, on that first bang, everybody on the floor, bodies everywhere. there were kids everywhere, and people shouting. like, that... i can't seem to shift that from my mind, at all. and it is absolutely heartbreaking, what people have gone through here. and you were running for your lives? absolutely, you run in in sheer panic and terror, because you don't really understand what's happened, for probably about a minute or two. and then, when you see the people on the floor, then you realise what actually has happened. but, despite the horror of the last couple of days, investigators believe the killers were planning an even bigger attack, using gas canisters. the police operation to find other members of the terror cell is one of the biggest in spain for more than a decade. and this evening, more details are emerging of the victims. like bruno gulotta, who was 35, from rome, on holiday with his wife and two young children, a little boy and girl,
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now left fatherless. and there are concerns forjulian cadman, who is seven, and thought to have dual australian and british nationality. he hasn't been seen since the attack. the spanish are resilient people. 2a hours after the blood—letting, this is las ramblas. where a few hours ago, bodies lay, now there are flowers. and, on the boulevard where the white van eventually crashed, there is a shrine. so many have told us life must go on, that the terrorists will never win. but lives have been changed here forever. police in finland say two people have been killed and at least seven others injured in a stabbing attack in the south—western city of turku. a young man has been arrested, and is thought to be the only suspect. the authorities say they are reinforcing security at border crossings and across the country. eyewitnesses say the man began the series of attacks in the city centre, and then ran to a nearby square to stab other victims,
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before being shot by police. now, the white house departure lounge is getting pretty crowded these days, and now, chief strategist steve bannon was shown the door. ever since his appointment, the former head of breitbart news was a lightning rod for controversy because of his far—right political views. but what will his dismissal mean for the trump white house? the bbc‘s aleem maqbool reports. to be the most controversial character in a crisis—ridden white house was no mean feat, but steve bannon mayjust have managed it. now, though, after months of tension among the president's staff, he is gone. all sounds very amicable. but, throughout, steve bannon was at loggerheads with many
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of his colleagues. he came from a background of running a news agency which became a mouthpiece for the far—right. it is widely acknowledged he played a huge role in the strategy that got president trump elected, based on a platform of nationalism, and a sentiment of taking back the country. he's going to continue to press his agenda. and, as economic conditions get better, as morejobs get better, they're going to continue to fight. if you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. every day — every day it's going to be a fight. the violence at a far—right rally in charlottesville brought back into focus accusations steve bannon, the president's chief strategist, had white—nationalist sympathies, concerns that were dismissed just days ago by donald trump. i like him, he's a good man. he's not a racist, i can tell you that. he's a good person.
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he actually get a very unfair press in that regard. send in steve bannon. on the late—night comedy shows, steve bannon was portrayed as a dangerous, shadowy figure, but also the real brains behind the trump operation. 0k, donald. that's enough fun for tonight. can i have my desk back? yes, of course, mr president. i'll go sit at my desk. something that is not likely to have pleased the president. this photograph of donald trump's close aides was taken just a few days into his presidency. less than seven months later, he has lost his national security adviser, his press secretary, his chief of staff, and now his chief strategist, which may leave donald trump looking a lonely figure. but steve bannon‘s dismissal is a victory for those wanting to remove the extreme elements surrounding their president. but it will take a lot
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to convince many this will lead to a better—functioning white house. steve bannon has reportedly returned as executive chairman of breitbart news. i spoke to our washington correspondent david willis about what his departure means for the trump administration. the big question, really, is whether outside the white house he will be a friend orfoe. outside the white house he will be a friend or foe. there is no doubt at all that he had been waging somewhat ofan all that he had been waging somewhat of an internal war against some close to donald trump, including, it is thought, his son—in—law, jared kushner, whose daughter, ivanka trump, and people he branded the globalist, if you like, and whether that war will continue with him
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outside the white house remains to be seen. and david, will we see this revolving door at the white house slowdown now? is this the end of it? what is the word on capitol hill? well, the speculation that there are others aligned to steve bannon who may also be heading for the door, not big names, that said, chris, but others who were close to steve bannon. this is all part of housecleaning, housekeeping, undertaken by the new white house chief of staff, generaljohn kelly, who has really sought in the three weeks he has been made to instil some sort of discipline, to a somewhat unruly inner circle, amongst donald trump's confidants. so we will wait and see what happens now as far as that is concerned, but it is clear that there has been a pupil in the last few weeks. we have seen the departure as aleem mentioned they are of the
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communications chief, the white house press spokesman, of the chief of staff, reince priebus, and now steve bannon. so the question remains who are you going to get in to fill some of these vacant positions, as well. and david, with what appears to be so much chaos inside the white house, particularly when it comes to staffing, when it comes to policy, as well, and president trump unable to shake off the remarks he made about the violence in charlottesville, what is the feeling, what is the atmosphere on capitol hill, cheekily among republicans? i know some have come out and spoken against president trump, butare out and spoken against president trump, but are not in huge numbers, are they —— particularly a month republicans. how much confidence is there a month, in the present right now? well, i think there is a lot of concern amongst republicans about the president's remarks regarding what happened in charlottesville last weekend. a lot of concern.
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people taking to twitter, lindsey graham, for example, accusing the president of being more divisive than inclusive. it is not the sort of thing you would want. and all that, the events of last weekend, have brought into sharp i think, the position of steve bannon, his alleged links to white supremacist, oi’ alleged links to white supremacist, or sympathy for them, whatever. so this has all contributed, if you like, to his departure today. but of course, he represents in many ways the base. the people... many of the people who were so keen to vote for donald trump. and now, does donald trump go more for the middle ground, oi’ trump go more for the middle ground, or who does he find to replace steve bannon? one of british television's biggest and best—loved stars, sir bruce forsyth, has died at the age of 89. the prime minister and the biggest names in british show business have paid tribute to the man whose career began in 1942, when he was just “i.
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he continued to work for more than 70 years, most recently in the bbc‘s smash hit strictly come dancing. david sillito looks back at his life. live from london, this is strictly come dancing. please welcome your hosts... bruce forsyth! when it comes to tv history, bruce forsyth was simply the face of saturday night. strictly come dancing the last hurrah, in a career that went back more than 70 years. the boy bruce, the mighty atom wasjust the beginning of a life of song, dance and comedy. # that's why the lady is a tramp... it only took 16 years of struggle to become an overnight star of sunday nights at the london palladium. a fellow veteran of the show had nothing but admiration
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for this all—round talent. # i'm so awfully shy... he was great. he was one of our greatest entertainers ever, perhaps the greatest we've ever had. he could do everything. lovely light piano player, nice tap dancer. not a gag man, but made people roar laughing. and class, he had a lot of class. and he was, without doubt, a national treasure. he deserved his knighthood. 50—odd years at the top, in our business — that's a bit of a record. one key part of the palladium formula was game show, beat the clock. the comic chaos, the rapport with the public — he was a natural. over there. the bit of paper, bit of paper, come on! that's it, that's it, you've won! nice to see you, to see you... nice! and nowhere showcased the talent better than the generation game, in the ‘70s.
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this is another phyllis here. i don't like being called phyllis. oh, you don't? my name's phyl with a y. phyl with a y? alright, darling, a bit like that? there's another bundle of trouble. nice to see you, didn't he do well? the catchphrases became part of national life. a swing ball game, there we are. goodness me, we've got the steam iron. didn't he do well? among the tributes today, the director—general of the bbc, lord hall, said he was one of our greatest entertainers. he defined saturday night. after that, play your cards right on itv — another successful game show. are you going to go on? if he had a regret, it was not making it in america, infilms, and his main love, as a song—and—dance man. he could sing, he could dance, fabulous pianist,
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a comic — everything. if you want an all—round entertainer, i think you think, first of all, bruce forsyth. this could save the whole show. just do as i do. be like the generation game, all right? you're never quite prepared for the end, are you? of course, he was such a remarkable, iconic figure. none more remarkable and iconic in all of television history in this country. that's the kind of man we're talking about. # now you're here, and now i know just where i'm going. # no more doubts or fears... sir bruce forsyth — he first appeared on the bbc in august 1939. 70 years later, he was still there — still the king of saturday night. # in other words, i love you. # fly me to the moon!# sir bruce forsyth, who has died today at the age of 89. stay with us on bbc news.
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still to come: we have a special report from the iraqi city of mosul, where the university has just reopened after three years of occupation by so—called islamic state. washington, the world's most political city, is today assessing the political health of the world's most powerful man. indeed, i did have a relationship with miss lewinsky that was not appropriate. in fact, it was wrong. in south africa, 97 people have been killed today, in one of the worst days of violence between rival black groups. over the last iten days, 500 have died. chanting: czechoslovakia must be free! russia is observing a national day of mourning for the 118 submariners who died on board the kursk.
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we're all with them now, within our hearts. the pope has celebrated mass before a congregation of more than 2.5 million people, in his hometown of krakow. "stay with us, stay with us," chanted this ocean of humanity. "well, well," joked the pope, "so you want me to desert rome?" this is bbc news. the latest headlines: police in the spanish region of catalonia say three of the suspects in thursday's terror attack are now confirmed dead. they include the 17 year old thought to have been the van driver. and president trump has fired his chief strategist steve bannon, the former head of the rightwing news website breitbart. more than 460 people are now confirmed to have died in the landslide and flooding that hit sierra leone's capital
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freetown, according to the red cross. around 600 are still missing. the bbc‘s martin patience reports from freetown. the lush green hills of freetown dominate the city. but they can be deadly when it rains. volunteer rescue teams are sifting through debris. we took away two dead bodies. one gentleman and a lady, this colourful lady. and there's also another dead body inside that we need these logs to be removed before we can access those dead bodies. but we don't have the equipment to cut off these logs so we can access this. so the body's just going to rot, then? yes, it's going to rot, yes. this neighbourhood was once home to dozens of families. it's lunch time now.
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mothers would be cooking, children would be coming home from school. it's now been completely wiped out. tempers are fraying. not enough aid is getting through. translation: we've got no drinking water. our well is contaminated. we think there may be body parts in it. a mass burial took place yesterday to prevent an outbreak of cholera. hundreds are still missing. for those that survived, there's no comfort, just grief. kadiatu kamara lost both parents. she doesn't know how she'll provide for her children. translation: we need help.
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the government needs to support us. we need housing, we need help to start up our businesses again. many are too young to know what they've lost. martin patience, bbc news, freetown. 16 million people are now affected by some of the worst floods in south asia in recent years, according to the international red cross. more than a third of bangladesh and nepal has been flooded. navin singh khadka reports from nepal. it's been more than a week since flood began —— floods began hearing nepal. many places have received relief but there are still villages cut off, like this one, because as you can see. villagers say they can't access
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you can see. villagers say they ca n't access clea n you can see. villagers say they can't access clean water and they are worried about disease. more brains are coming in, making things worse for people already struggling. —— rains. us—backed iraqi forces completed the capture of the islamic state stronghold of mosul last month. the devastation caused by intense bombardment and three years of fighting is widespread. about a million people, that's half its population, have been displaced. as yalda hakim found out, life is slowly returning to the city. this is what liberation looks like in mosul. just ruins. the are untold numbers of bodies. but life is slowly returning to the city. even here, within the charred walls of mosul university. it stores closed injune, mosul university. it stores closed in june, 2014, mosul university. it stores closed injune, 2014, after the so—called islamic state turned it into its headquarters. science labs were used as makeshift weapons factories. iraqi forces discovered what they
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have long suspected and feared, sulphur mustard. according to the us pentagon, the university was central to is‘s chemical weapons programme. now some classes have resumed and stu d e nts now some classes have resumed and students are beginning to return. balmedie newbuilding, but some things are irreplaceable. among the ashes, over a million books on philosophy, law and literature. all burnt by is. the seat of learning represented everything they stood against. intellectuals like this are the, —— a runout professor of law, lived in fear of their lives. so what did you do? the sense of life flooding back into this town is palpable. but the scars are there. this woman was a student
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at the university. when isis came to power, she had to give up her studies. but worse was to come. it must be quite dramatic? —— traumatic? don't forget, you can get the very latest developments online regarding the barcelona attack. for now, that's the latest from me and the team. you can get in touch with us on twitter. we are looking ahead to the weekend
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weather prospects. let's delve into the weathermen you and see what's on offer. we will all get decent spells offer. we will all get decent spells of sunshine this weekend, but it won't be completely dry. a few showers and maybe a more persistent rain into the west later on sunday. this is how the pressure chart looks. low pressure". this weather front will move into western scotla nd front will move into western scotland during saturday, bringing a lot of the cloud to start the day across north—western areas. gusty wind and a fair number of showers. not the most promising start. away from that, wales and south—west england probably with the sunny skies first thing. patchy cloud across eastern areas of england, breaking up quickly with sunshine. we are all going to see sunshine during the day on saturday. there will be showers around, but they will be showers around, but they will —— there will be larger spaces for —— between the showers. the
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highest chance of showers across scotland. elsewhere, showers are hit and miss in nature. lengthy spells in the day that stay dry. the rich are wise, still no great shakes. similarto are wise, still no great shakes. similar to friday. noticeably warmer in scotland, especially in the north—east. for the cricket at edgbaston there's a small chance a passing shower, but most of the day will stay dry. the wind is continuing to lighten into the evening. that's true across most of the country. winds for lighter through the night—time. temperatures 12-13 through the night—time. temperatures 12— 13 degrees. for the second half of the weekend, want to show you this fronts to the west. they contain the remnants of hurricane kurt, which died sometime on friday. —— gert. on friday increasing cloud coming into the west. there could be hill fog patches. outbreaks of
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drizzle for wales and south—west england. the coming increasingly humid. even with the sunshine it will feel warm and oppressive. in northern ireland it could get a speu northern ireland it could get a spell of rain. for much of the north and east of the uk it is dry, with further spells —— further spells of sunshine. then for some of us things will warm up next week. the dividing line is this weather front and it will bring some fairly heavy rain. probably northern ireland, where scotland, north—west wales will be at risk of some of that. the warming trend continues on tuesday. it looks like some of us may have found some are. that's the weather. this is bbc news. the headlines: police in the spanish region of catalonia say three of the suspects in thursday's terror attack are now confirmed dead. they include the 17—year—old thought to have been the van driver. the site of the attack in central barcelona is now marked by hundreds of candles and bunches of flowers. a total of 14 people died and more than 130 were injured. steve bannon has been
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fired from his role as white house chief strategist.
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